Commander: Eileen M. Collins
Pilot: Jeffrey S. Ashby
Mission Specialist 1: Cady G. Coleman
Mission Specialist 2: Steven A. Hawley
Mission Specialist 3: Michel Tognini

Mission Highlights
Mission: Chandra X-Ray Observatory Deployment
Shuttle: Columbia
Launch: July 22, 1999 - 11:31 p.m. CDT
Window: 116 Minutes
Landing: July 27, 1999 - 10:20 pm CDT
Duration: 4 days, 22 hours, 50 minutes





The STS 93 Mission was launched 23 July 1999 and the purpose of the mission was to deploy the Chandra X-ray telescope, please clickhere for more info about the mission.

The mission went off without a hitch, well almost without a hitch if you want to ignore the object that seems to hover by the side of Chandra minuets after the release of Chandra.  This object seemed to come from nowhere and it stayed by the side of Chandra, while this was going on somebody at mission control was adjusting the Lens aperture and making the picture go from light to dark when this proved fruitless in hiding the object the live fee was cut.

It is also interesting to note that prior to this object that seems to stay with Chandra we had other objects appearing on screen moments after the release of Chandra.  These objects did not appear to be as close to Chandra as our "main" object but somebody at NASA did not like to view them as everytime a new object appeared on screen the camera was moved to a new "clean" part of the screen where no anomalous objects could be seen.

These three pictures show Chandra just as the release was made, please notice how clear the shots are.


These shots are further into the sequence and as you can see lens aperture has been opened a considerable amount and now Chandra is the very bright object top/centre of the shots.  Somebody only started to adjust the lens when these objects started to appear.


Here we can still see that the lens is open and we can make out the objects.


The lens has now been closed back down and Chandra is more clear and easier to view, but we can now see the object near Chandra (boxRED)


The lens is still been closed down allowing less light to enter, but still we can make out Chandra and our object that seems to be holding position.


These are the last few shots before the live feed was cut, as we can the camera is still been kept at a lower setting but Chandra and the object are very was only a matter of seconds after these shots that the feed was cut.


This enigmatic object was seen during the deployment of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.  The source of this photograph was the official NASA website.  It is a high resolution film picture, not vid

Deployment of Chandra

This 70mm frame shows the Chandra X-Ray Observatory shortly after its release from Columbia. (Courtesy NASA)
Download Hi-Res Image


Here is another high resolution film photograph from NASA.  The cigar shape is still seen on the left.  To the right is a cluster of unusual lights.  Below is an enhancement, and enlargement of that cluster.


Now we have a very amazing "ring" of coloured lights.  As can be seen, they resemble a disc seen almost on edge, with multicoloured "running lights" on the perimiter.  The enhancement of this photo amounts to turning the brightness, and contrast, up to maximum.  One wonders what this could actually be.  It is certainly not ice crystals, nor any debris this writer is aware of.
    All in all, some very unusual events occured during the STS-93 Flight.  These objects remain unexplained.


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