Commander: James D. Halsell
Pilot: Scott J. Horowitz
Mission Specialist 1: Mary Ellen Weber
Mission Specialist 2: Jeffrey N. Williams
Mission Specialist 3: James S. Voss
Mission Specialist 4: Susan J. Helms
Mission Specialist 5: Yuri V. Usachev

Mission Highlights
Mission: International Space Station Flight 2A.2a
Shuttle: Atlantis
Launch Pad: 39A
Launch: May 19, 2000,
5:11 a.m. CDT
Window: 5 minutes
Docking: May 20, 2000
11:31 p.m. CDT
EVA: 1 space walk
Undocking: May 26, 2000
6:03 p.m. CDT
Landing: May 29, 2000
1:20 a.m. CDT
Duration: 9 days, 20 hours, 9 minutes
Orbit Altitude: 173 nautical miles
Orbit Inclination: 51.6 degrees
Miles Traveled: 4.1 million


On the evening (Houston time) of 21 May 2000, two of the astronauts in the crew ofSTS-101 performed a spacewalk to install and connect various components of theISS.
During this spacewalk, some unusual objects were seen.  Cliff Rowe of the USA reported seeing a metallic disc whilst watching live NASA TV.  I managed to capture some S-Band still shots of an object which at first seemed to be a lens flare.  However, the object failed to behave as a lens flare should.  It persisted in a stationary position for as long as NASA allowed us to see it.  And it compared in shape and size with an object seen days later during the undocking and flyaround.  I can't say what this bell shaped object is, but I know it isn't ice, debris, or a lens effect.





21 May 2000.  Note the bell shaped object, in the circle, left of the Astronaut.   Object even has a shadowed area.  This object persisted in the exact same position for several minutes.

神舟宇宙船(Shenzou space craft)



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